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Here's how our affiliate program works:
If you're a website owner or online marketer and want to make money from referrals, sign up and tell us a little about how you plan to promote Ektora.
Once you're approved and have activated your account, you'll receive a custom referral link that you can share in your email campaigns, on your website or across your social networks.
When users sign up using your link you'll receive 50% commission on any payments they make for the first 12 months of their subscription. You'll receive monthly payments for as long as that user is active in their first year of subscription.
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πŸ¦„ Terms & Conditions

  • Affiliates are paid on the 5th of every month via PayPal or Bank Transfer, in USD.
  • We approve all payouts on the 2nd of every month. Payments take a minimum of 60 days to approve to account for any refunds or chargebacks. Our minimum payout is $50.
  • Please don't refer yourself: we consider this against the fair spirit of the program and it may result in a ban.
  • If you're using email to promote Ektora, you must ensure that all the contacts have opted in to receive communication from you.
  • Don't use paid advertising to advertise or promote Ektora.
  • The cookie used to track a user is valid for 30 days and is used to track sign up source. The last affiliate click will retain commission. Users may need to enable cookies for this to track correctly.
  • The commission you receive is 50% of the invoice charged for the previous month. If a user upgrades or downgrades your commission will change accordingly. Commission is paid for the first 12 months of the subscription.
  • All applications to join the affiliate program are subject to approval.
  • We reserve the right to change the terms at any time and reserve the right to remove any user from the affiliate program. Removal from the affiliate program will result in no further commission being paid.

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