10 TikTok Trends for 2021

November 13, 2020

1. More Memes

Memes are already huge in everyday life. Everyone knows what a meme is. But, did you know that memes are popular on TikTok? They’re so popular, in fact, that meme culture on TikTok is what launched Old Town Road into infamy, right onto the Grammy stage.

Memes are used as a communication tool on the platform, and are only growing to grow in popularity as the months wear on.

2. Data is Now Available: TikTok is starting to mature

That means that random algorithms or confusing outreach is now a thing of the past. More data is becoming available to users and marketers, which means that content creation and outreach on the platform doesn’t have to be a gamble anymore. For example, Byte Sights, the world’s first TikTok influencer tool, is now enabling brands to understand important data around influencer metrics before they conduct campaigns.

3. TikTok Will Become Gen Z’s TV

TikTok creates this feeling of “watching TV” as videos loop over and over again. Since the average attention span of individuals is dwindling today, TikTok will continue to solidify itself as a potential TV replacement for younger generations. That means that “episodic content” like the popular #likeforparttwo, will only grow in prevalence.

4. Influencer Marketing is the Next Big Thing

Marketing has made it mandatory for people to come out from the shadows and expose themselves today. Even if you’re camera shy or you don’t want attention through social media, you need to put a face to your brand. This is going to become more important on TikTok as more people join the app this year. How will people remember you in comparison to the competition?

5. New Brands Are Taking Note

TikTok is a star-making power machine and brands are taking notice. From publications to politicians, more and more people are getting on the app. That means that having your content go viral is going to become harder and harder, which is why now is a great time to get on there and start growing your following.

6. More Advertising Tiers

TikTok recently released five advertising tiers aimed at big brands. That means they are going to release even more marketing options as people flock to their app. If you are thinking about using the app for product or service outreach, TikTok is about to deliver even more options as 2020 wears on.

7. Viral Comedy Challenges

Oh yes, these challenges have been around for a few years now. However, as more people get on the app, more people than ever before are going to start taking part in these challenges. That means that yes, even the person down the block from you who claims to hate social media is going to jump on in these challenges. Plus, comedy is more approachable for people who don’t have natural dance skills (dance challenges are still the most popular challenges on the app right now).

8. Mental Health Awareness Updates

TikTok is taking a much earlier approach to mental health awareness and protection through their app than Facebook did. The creators understand they have very young teens on their app, which is why they are going to start promoting information and education related to self-care and mental health. We predict it’s going to be a major trend, especially as people deal with isolation depression right now. Here are all of the mental health awareness TikToks up right now.

9. Behind the Scenes Videos

Sure, everyone loves a gorgeous travel video or a finished modeling ad. But what about the process that went on to arrive at that product? TikTok excels at being a place where stuffy content, like that of Instagram, isn’t required to be popular. They excel at it so well that we predict behind the scenes TikToks are going to take off in popularity this year. It’s going to provide brands with an effective way to be authentic with their followers.

10. Branded Stickers

Similar to Snapchat, which enables brands to buy geo-filters for events, TikTok now permits brands to buy branded stickers. These stickers can be applied to any TikTok video, enhancing their awareness while making them look cooler. We suspect more brands than ever before are going to get in on the sticker game today, especially while Snapchat continues to dwindled in users.

The biggest TikTok trend of all is the millions of people that are downloading the app every single day. It’s undoubtedly going to be the hottest app of 2020, possibly securing the spot as the most downloaded app of the year – much like it did in 2019.

We are encouraging you to take notice now and get on this app before it’s too saturated. There is still time to master the platform nuances and expectations, starting with these TikTok user trends.

Thanks for reading with us!

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