20 TikTok Stats You Need to Know

November 13, 2020

As the most downloaded app of 2019throughout the world, popularizing video in a way that its predecessor Vinecould not, TikTok is undoubtedly the next hottest app you should be eyeing foryour marketing today. Providing marketers with a raw, authentic way to interactwith a younger audience, without all of the “stuffiness and pretentiousness” ofInstagram, millions of people are flocking to this new social media sensationevery single day.

What’s so alluring about TikTok? Well, forstarters, it acquired Musical.ly, which means you can apply any new pop song,single, etc. to your videos (something Facebook has not yet done for its apps).Additionally, there’s less pressure to be beautiful or have a perfect life –funniness, quirkiness, and cleverness are celebrated on this app.

If you’re still new to the world of TikTokmarketing, or you don’t quite understand why you should care about this socialmedia app, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to look at 20 statistics thatdetail just how impactful and valuable this new app will be as we head into thefuture.

Are you ready to get started? 

1.TikTok has over 1.5billion users.

Although Facebook has over 3 billionusers, TikTok’s growth rate is much faster than Facebook’s over one decade ago,which means there’s no reason why this Chinese app isn’t on its way tounseating Facebook or Instagram in future years.


2. 60% of the app’s monthly users are between the age of 16 and 24.

TikTok hasmanaged to capture Gen Z in a way no other app has. Teenagers aren’tdownloading Facebook anymore because their parents and grandparents are on it.Instead, they can be found on this app by the millions, providing precisemarketing targeting for companies that want to involve younger generations.


3.     60% of the app’s monthlyusers are in the United States. It’s true, themajority of TikTok users are American. If your business relies on Americansales, you can’t afford to not be on this app today.


4.     Since 2018, Americans havespent over $23.1 million on TikTok’s virtual currency. Yes, TikTok has its own currency and money exchange customs thatoccur between its users. Sound similar to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency? WithTikTok, it’s all in one place.


5.     Only 4% of U.S. marketersuse TikTok for marketing at this time. TikTok isstill new – very new. It’s so new that major marketers have not yet caught ontoits vitality yet. That means now is a great time for you to get on there andtotally master your niche, outshining the competition that is yet to come infuture years.


6.     The newest TikTok usersare coming from India (43% of downloads in 2020). Althoughthe U.S. owns the TikTok market right now, India is hot on its tail.


7.     The typical TikTok userspends around 52-minutes per day inside the app. Videosloop repeat on TikTok, which means its very easy to spend tons of time insidethe app. If you don’t like a video on your feed, simply swipe up for the nextone. Most videos are only 15-seconds long, which means you can go down acontent rabbit hole pretty quickly.


8.     More TikTok users haveAndroid phones than iPhones. Bet you didn’t seethat one coming! It’s true, the majority of TikTok users are using the appthrough their Android mobile device.


9.     The top 50 TikTok creatorshave more followers than the countries of Mexico, Canada, the UK, Australia,and the US combined. The biggest names on TikTokcommand audiences of 30, 40, or even 60 million. And the app is just gettingstarted!


10.  TikTok has an averageengagement rate of 29%. That means that almostone-third of users will drop a like or comment on TikTok videos. Thisengagement rate is much higher than that of Instagram today, where users havegrown wary of commenting on pictures.


11.  TikTok is the only top 5global app not owned by Facebook. It’s true, TikTokis the first social media app to disrupt the Facebook empire. Many people wouldargue that’s a good thing!


12.  More TikTok users are menthan women. It will be interesting to see if thischanges over the years!


13.  TikTok is used in 154countries.


14.  TikTok has the highestsocial media engagement rates per post. As wementioned above, people are much more likely to interact with a TikTok thanthey are with any other social media post.


15.  TikTok is available in 39languages, with many more to come.


16.  Within the first year oflaunch, TikTok had already reached the 1 million video view per day threshold. What you probably don’t realize is that TikTok has been around since2012. It didn’t catch on with Western audiences until 2018.


17.  Nine out of ten TikTokusers use the app multiple times per day. There isundoubtedly an addiction component to TikTok. Those that have it on theirphones can’t help but check it more than three-times per day.


18.  In less than 18-months,the number of U.S. adults on TikTok grew 5.5-times. Sorry kids, millennials and even Baby Boomers are starting totrickle onto the app. Now is definitely the time to get on there before itsaturates out.


19.  More than 1 billion videosare viewed through the app every single day. Moveover YouTube – TikTok is ready to give you a run for your money.


20.  TikTok witnessed a 500%increase in in-app spending between May 2018 and April 2019. The word is starting to spread!


Here at TikTokBots, we want you to know thetime is ripe for foraying into the world of TikTok. The longer you wait, thebigger the competition is going to be. Stay turned with us here for moreupdates regarding TikTok.




Tiktok stats

Tiktok statistics

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