How To Become An Influencer?

November 13, 2020

How To Become A Popular Model?

There was a time years ago when people used to ask, "How to become a popular model?" but that had the painful answer that you have to face many tough challenges to start your modeling career. You must have to meet certain strict requirements of height, beauty, body shape, etc. You had to pass a difficult test in modeling agencies and must be beautiful conventionally. But now that time is gone along with these rules.

How To Become An Influencer?

Now is the time when everyone can become a model if they want to. Currently, they are seeking "How to become a popular Instagram model?"  because now everyone's wish to become a model can be fulfilled easily by Instagram if used effectively. You can do your branding no matter who you are, whether you are a doctor, engineer, designer, actor, model, fitness trainer, business coach, musician even as a mom, husband, and student, etc.

Who are the most popular personalities on Instagram?

Everyone can promote him/herself on Instagram, but still, the most followed and popular people on Instagram are models and celebrities related to the modeling and fashion industry. For example, Kendall Jenner, a very famous Instagram model, has 119 Million followers on Instagram.

You may ask why its only models who are getting famous on Instagram?. Well, it’s obvious that the fastest growing industry on Instagram is the fashion industry, and insta models are brand ambassadors of fashion, clothing and cosmetic companies, etc.

How can I become an Instagram model?

Do you want to become a model but confused to take the first step yet? Well then don't worry, we are here to help you. You can easily become a famous model by presenting yourself on Instagram effectively. In this article, We will give seven best tips to become a popular Instagram model.

7 Tips To Become A Popular Instagram Model:

1. Define Your Style

As you have decided to start your modeling career, it means that you are a fan of fashion, clothes, and photography, and you must already know your style and have related clothes and stuff of well-known brands already, but you know what, you still need to improve your style.  

For this, first, you have to decide what kind of Instagram model you want to become because your style will determine what type of brands you have to collaborate with in the future. For example, some models like to promote high fashion clothes; some promote swimsuits and bikinis, some promote cosmetics, etc.  

2. Create Your Portfolio

It's not that you have to send your photos to some modeling agency. But you have to create your portfolio to attract brands to collab with you. Your all Instagram photos are your portfolio, actually, but if you are new, it's a best practice to have at least ten photos in your Instagram profile to showcase your style, brand, or personality.

To make a good Instagram portfolio of yours, its best practice to have a photo-shoot in at least three different looks, dilute professional looks, and some selfies too.

3. Attract More Followers

Yes, content is the King, but only posting good content without any marketing tactics won’t give you many good results, and it will be a very slow process to gain thousands of followers. So, to speed up this process, you will need to use some 3rd party apps, which by using scheduling features, will post your photos sequentially at best times to gain maximum engagement in terms of likes, comments, and followers.

You can also gain more real followers by using the organic following technique in which you mass follow a lot of people and like their posts, and they may follow you back because of their interest in your content or personality. You can later unfollow them to enjoy your increase audience.

How To Automate Instagram Communication?

You need to have good communication with your followers to keep them engaged and active. In the beginning, you can do all stuff, such as direct messaging to your followers for answering or brands for collabs by spending few hours a day, but later, you won’t have time to do all this by yourself, so you have to consider Instagram communication automation services.  

Direct Messaging

You can easily do fast communication on PC or Mac using this feature, which unites chats from several insta accounts, making it very convenient by making all conversations accessible on any computer and fastens workflow.

Direct Search Feature

By using the Instagram direct search feature, you can search easily for an account and start communicating. This feature also allows you to search for any keywords in your inbox and also to make a list of people from different categories such as actors, hairstylists, photographers to offer them collaboration.

4. Search For Collaborations

This is a very effective way to increase your audience quickly. For this, you to connect with other models more famous than you both in terms of followers, engagement such as real comments, and more mentions. If they tag you in their posts, your reach and followers will automatically increase.

How to collab with other insta models? Well, simply build some real connection with them and try to have a walk, each other's interview, selfie, and vlog, etc. with them and post it with their tag. You can also do a joint advertisement for a mutual brand.

How to collab with a photographer? To have high-quality pictures, models need best photographers, and they need models to make their portfolio, and for branding, so you can do a mutual free agreement with them for free photoshoot and photographer can use your pics for his/her portfolio or any project, benefitting both parties.

5. Always Engage With Your Audience

The big mistake many Instagrammers do is that they keep on posting without engaging with their audience, which results in unfollows. People like celebrities who treat their fans as friends or guests rather than just random people, so you should interact with them more often.

How to engage with your audience on Instagram? Well, that's very simple. Thanks to Instagram polls to use in stories, which you can use to ask their opinions about your new dress or new shoes etc. You can also ask them to comment on their opinions on your new fashion post in the feed.

If you have successfully gained a huge group of interested fans, you can start a giveaway contest. You can also do profile advertising of other newbies fan models and photographers as a Contest. But keep them in mind and don't put your followers in any difficulty, like asking them to go outside Instagram and do something for you. You can simply ask them to like and comment on your ten photos or publish in their feeds or stories the screenshot of your contest post. Consequently, you will get more new followers, and they also get something from you, hence, benefitting more parties.

6. Posting Videos And Stories On Your Instagram

Nowadays, stories and videos are getting very popular on Instagram. According to stats, your 33 % feed content is videos, which means your every third post should be video. Well, if you are thinking about what kind of video models can make? Then here are some simple suggestions. You can make makeup process videos and how-to- videos preferably in stop motion animation videos format resembling gif files.

Good News is that now you can lower Burden on yourself for manual posting because We have an automated posting tool to schedule all your postings according to date and time zones and get a huge number of likes.

Nowadays, stories are getting even more popular than photos. As per stats, 22 % of insta users prefer watching rather than scrolling the newsfeed. Its actually because people are more interested in the personal lives and activities of their favorite celebrities and friends, so stories are the best way to do so. So you, as a model, should also constantly keep on posting stories about your daily life.

What to do for constant Instagram popularity growth efficiently?

You want to make your Instagram account popular, but it takes a huge amount of time and effort to use Instagram for a growing audience effectively. So, what can you do now? It’s simple, trust your account promotion or reliable Instagram automation tool, which will not only create auto-like, auto-follow as per hashtags, locations, and usernames but will also create an individual strategy, narrow down target audience facilitating to interact with your potential followers.

7. Always Put Your Focus On Value

You must not waste much of your time in running and maintaining your account yourself, as still even after much handwork, you won’t get many good results. Yes, content is the king, but other promotional activities are also of great importance, such as liking, commenting, messaging, and following, etc. So, you should only put all your focus and efforts into producing content which only you can do for yourself, and that is taking your best photos in a professional photo shoot or making a professional vlog and leave the rest of all routine promotional activities to our all in one Instagram bot. Do what you love, and at the same time, our bot will be busy in liking, commenting, messaging, mass following, and other promotional tasks to attract more followers to your account.

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