How To Get Featured On Instagram?

November 13, 2020

This is a question asked by a lot of Instagram users who want to get famous on Instagram by getting featured on famous pages. But How to be featured on Instagram? Well, you have to first work for it. In this article, we will discuss steps to get featured on Instagram.

5 Steps To Get Featured On Instagram

What does getting featured on Instagram mean? Well, it means getting your work or photos displayed on Instagram featured account, also known as the curation account. This account is based on a specific niche and attracts a lot of audiences. So, there is a bright chance of getting more followers to your account if you get featured on any curation account. Here are five steps to get featured on Instagram.

Find The Instagram Accounts (Of Your Niche) You Want To Be Featured In

This is a very mandatory step; there is no benefit for you getting featured on insta stories or feeds of any irrelevant account. So, it would be best if you searched for the famous accounts of your niche. Keenly note their posts, for example, what kind of photos they post, their photo style, their themes and subject matter, etc. for example, you cannot submit your medical pics to some engineering insta account. Similarly, some realistic and natural photos page will never feature your harsh and saturated photos because curation accounts only post your photos if your style is similar to what they post regularly. It’s also because their followers already like the style of their photos, so if you want to grab the attention of their followers, then you must possess the same style as them.

Read Guidelines before submitting photos

Featured accounts mostly set the guidelines or rules which you should know, understand, and follow if you want your photos to be featured by them. If you ignore these guidelines, then they won't feature you. Featured accounts choose only the best out of 100s of pics because they don't want to lose their huge audience. You should tag them with their dedicated hashtag. If they ask you to like, comment, and tag in their pictures, you should also follow that. Always make sure to use the dedicated hashtag correctly. Many featured accounts screen posts are published under their hashtag to find the best one to feature on their account.

Team up with other influencers of your niche

You can’t win the world alone. You have to team up with people. That works in the Instagram world as well. You can get a lot of success if you team up with Instagram gurus of your niche. The main thing about successful influencers is not their "Large Following," but it’s their “Right following." So, they can expose you to the right followers of your niche. Although it’s difficult to build a healthy relationship with successful influencers, however, you have to be patient and keep trying. But how can you build a relationship with influencers? Here how,

  • Start a conversation with them in Instagram DMs.
  • After some rapport, try to communicate with them in emails.
  • You can offer shared promotions or contests with influencers.
  • The best thing to educate them about you is sharing a great photo of you with amazing caption informing people about the contest and tagging influencers.
  • Always use #contest or #promotion to facilitate people to find your posts easily.
  • Request influencers to repost specific images from your Instagram account.

Take Photos with Brand’s products and Tag them

This is one of the best ways to grab the attention of your favorite brands to get featured on their Instagram accounts. Just posting your gorgeous pictures with relevant hashtags may not be enough; you have to tag them to get their attention. E.g., if you like some nature photography account, take your beautiful nature photo and post it with their tag. This will get their attention, and they will see it, and if it’s really good, hopefully, you might get featured.

However, you should not tag popular accounts on your every image. Tag them on your best and most relevant photos only. For example, there is some design software insta who posts the best works of its users regularly, so you, as a designer and user of that software, post your best design work on your Instagram with the tag of that company. If it's very good work, they will feature you.

The other important reason for not tagging your favorite accounts in your many photos is that, unlike Facebook, Instagram does not condense images into an album, so Instagram photo feed gets cluttered very easily. You can get blocked if your posts are migraine-inducing, and you can also lose followers.  

Use Shoutouts

Want to expand your reach to the followers of other accounts of your niche?  Receiving and giving shout outs is the best way to achieve this. It’s very simple; you first have to find other accounts who post content related to you. Just connect with them and offer them to give shout outs to each other. This will benefit not only you but also the other one and one of the best ways to grow your account quickly. And in this, you don't have to be mean; you may have to give them shoutout before they give you.

The smart trick is to find accounts of your niche with followers more than your account and ask them for a shoutout. Now maybe they would give a shoutout to you if you are from the same niche and have the same number of followers, and some accounts will agree to give you shoutout only if your content is great. Don't forget to follow, like, and comment on those accounts before asking for a shoutout to convey them a message that you are interested in their content. Avoid spamming and make a real connection.


Instagram is the most powerful advertising tool nowadays for your brand if used properly, and it provides more engagement than other social platforms, perfect for growing your business. However, you have to put a lot of time, efforts, and get deeply involved to see the positive results. Tips for getting featured on Instagram are not fixed or set to stone, But I tried to cover the major ones and hope that they will be very useful for you. You have to participate in the community and engage with people to succeed on Instagram.

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