Top 10 Hottest Instagram Models

November 20, 2020

Who are the hottest Instagram models? Are you in a situation that you can’t decide the hottest Instagram models after seeing so many beautiful girls on Instagram? Well, just take a seat, grab a pack of popcorn, and keep reading while enjoying the popcorn and The Beauties. To save you the hustle, We have made our list of Hottest Insta Models.

There was a time when becoming a model was a hell of challenging tasks, but now it's approachable to everyone due to the invention of Instagram. Just take attractive pictures of yourself, do some Instagram techniques, and Congratulations!!!! you are a model. To select the hottest Instagram models out of millions of hottest, sexiest, and cutest model, girls of Instagram was not an easy task… But after thorough research of their content and the no of admirers of their hotness, we have made our list of top 10 hottest Instagram models.

1. Kendall Jenner (120.2 Million Followers)

This mind-blowing hottie belongs to the hottest Kardashian family, you thought right, she is the sister of famous Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

She rules the modeling world with her perfect body, elegant, and bold style. 120 million Instagram followers prove that she is the most attractive model right now.

2. Gigi Hadid (51 Million Followers)

With 51 Million followers on Instagram, she is another beauty queen, which grabs the hearts of millions with her hotness.

This American model is famous for her Vogue Magazine photos where we can see her sexiest and barest photos, one of them is displayed above.

3. Bella Hadid (27.3 Million Followers)

OMG, can you believe such perfect shapes exist in the world? Yeah, after seeing Bella Hadid Vogue magazine shoot, you might even hate your shape.

With her bold style, natural beauty, and mesmerizing poses, she won the Model of the year award and also the massive 27.3 Million Instagram followers.

4. Chrissy Teigen (27 Million Followers)

Meet this amazing American model proving her modeling standards on Instagram by grabbing a huge figure of 27 Million Followers competing with Bella Hadid. Her recent Instagram pics are mostly of her daughter, family, and her cooking.

Yeah, she is not only a fabulous and Hot model but also a chef running her cooking website and also an author. Wow-what a multi-talented lady!

5. Emily Ratajkowski (24.9 Million Followers)

This Hot beauty queen is an American model who became famous after her topless appearance in Blurred Lines Music Video.

Her Instagram account is full of her bikini and lingerie pics, and she models her lingerie line advertisement herself on her massive Instagram account of 24.9 Million Followers.

6. Hailey Baldwin (23.8 Million Followers)

Hailey Rhode Bieber is another hot American model famous for her marriage with world-famous singer Justin Bieber.

Yeah, with her extreme beauty and modeling skills, she not won the hearts of millions of fans but also that of Justin Bieber.

Her Instagram consist of branded photos and her pics with Justin Bieber.

7. Sommer Ray (23.4 Million Followers)

This American hot model and fitness geek, is inspiring millions of girls around the world with her gym fitness posts.

Her figure and curves are extremely amazing and perfect due to her gym routine.

Other than branded posts, she also runs her shop store linked with her Instagram that is full of her hot bikini and fitness photos.

8. Candice Swanepoel (13.9 Million Followers)

A Fabulous Bikini Model from South Africa who got famous after her work with victoria’s secret.

She not only reached 13.9 Million Instagram followers count but also got her name on no 8th in the list most earning models by Forbes.

Her hot figure is helping her to become a brand ambassador of many brands and earned a lot of wealth.

9. Alexis Ren (13.6 Million Followers)

Meet young internet sensation and American model Alexis belonging to Nous Model Management Agency, who just conquered the Instagram world by 13.6 million followers with her mesmerizing looks and hot bikini pics.

10. Irina Shayk (13 million Followers)

Enough of American Hot Chicks?? Let’s move to Russia Now. 10th Hottest Model on our list is the Russian model who got famous all over the world and fashion industry when she got herself on the cover of the 2011 sports illustrated swimsuit issue.

She is ranked as an industry icon by She also made her name in some Hollywood movies.

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